This is our third film. It was made entirely on a mobile phone with the help from an attachable Marco lens, some basic hand-made equipment and with just a crew of two. We edited and added sound separately. It was shot over the space of a week as and when weather permitting as I wanted the magic that summer sunshine can bring to the skies and the enchanting dappled effect in the woods.
It was made specifically for a mobile phone film competition, however, during editing I realized I'd compromise the script if we cut it to the allowed time limit, so we chose not to enter and concentrate on doing the story justice.

Shot around various locations in August this summer 2013. With just a £40 budget for equipment accessories, food and fuel.

The Rabbit Trail is the story of two men, connected by family and having gone through a similar traumatic experience. Harry undertakes a search for a lost family item that could bring justice for his Uncle Phineas, and also might bring an inner peace to Harry's own soul.

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