We're Back!

This week we celebrate our triumphant return to the interwebs with an EPIC collaboration brew from Stone Brewing / Brew Dog and Cambridge Brewing called Juxtaposition.

We introduce our two new cast members John, and Brad, and of course Stephen is still here. We give some Love to Taylor Shaw (twitter.com/theartofbeer), who so kindly graced us with the beer, and to Dr. Bill Sysak (twitter.com/bistrobeer) from Stone, who helped us with the pairing.

We also talk Pilsners versus lagers, Lovibonds, Dry Hopping, the Beer Wars movie, and Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione's Book "Brewing up a Business".

So sit back, relax, grab your beer and enjoy the show!

See you next week, stay safe and drink beer!

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