Shaping clay into various intricate art pieces is perhaps the ultimate expression of creation as the artist weaves his thoughts, emotions and energy into a lump of earth. This may be the reason why so many different cultures have similar stories of Gods shaping Mankind from the dirt.

However, this story has nothing grandiose. This is about a man from in a tiny red dot on the globe. A potter named Alvin Tan Teck Heng, who grew up in a traditional Chinese family and took a career path that many consider suicidal in Singapore, the life of an artist. This is just a short snippet of his Clay Voyage. His voyage of artistic styles and more importantly, the struggle and motivation behind of this award winning artist.

Special Thanks to:
Alvin Tan for generously sharing your stories with us.
One East Asia for your warm hospitality and conviction to promote SIngapore art.
Awaken the Dragon for organising such a beautiful festival back in January.
And finally,
Miki for helping me out in what limited free time you have.

Produced by:
Miki Sim & Daryl Ho

Do check out:
Alvin Tan:
One East Asia:
Miki Sim's blog on trends, tech & everything else:
Easy Productions:

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