Plug-in's can't solve everything. One of our animators, Johan, has put together this reel which consist of hand drawn or vector by vector moved effects.

00.03, hand drawn, water
00.17 COOP/Filmtecknarna, Hand drawn, water
00.25, AE vector by vector, water
00.34, Hand drawn, oil leakage
00.37 COOP/Meindbender, hand drawn, fire
00.49 Fritolay/Filmtecknarna, hand drawn, fire, smoke, water
01.02, hand drawn & AE vector by vector, blood
01.07, hand drawn, water
01.15, handdrawn, mud
01.17 Waytion, AE vetor by vector, blobs
01.39 shortfilm Channel truth, hand drawn, stars (each star i individual drawn, no copy paste what so ever)
01.48 shortfilm Channel truth, hand drawn, mud & smoke
01.55 shortfilm Channel truth, hand drawn, smoke, explosion
02.09, AE vector by vector, bubbles

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