Hi, I am Agnes Furst with Another Way Consulting. Thank you for your interest in the Implications

Wheel. I truly believe this tool is the solution to the ever burning desire to know more about future

consequences of your current decisions. Wouldn't it be great not to make that million dollar mistake!

Using the Implications Wheel turned out to be very beneficial for a manufacturing company (their name

cannot be disclosed here because this is a very recent story), when they set the goal to hire more top-ofthe-class electrical engineers who were graduating from top rated universities. Their strategy neglected

the fact that at the time, their company was not among the well-known manufacturers. Therefore it was

very likely that the best students would simply ignore their job opportunities. By using the Implications

Wheel, the company was able to identify this previously unforeseen obstacle of being unknown to

students. They created a very clever reputation-building campaign targeting these universities. With the

help of the Wheel, they were able to turn the “Who are you?” into “Oh, it’s you” – and were able to hire

some of the best, new graduating engineers for their new project.

The Implications Wheel has been used successfully for the last several decades as a paper-based tool;

now it is available in a very user-friendly web-based software format. With the help of professional

certified facilitators such as myself, your management team will be able to take a “sneak peek” into

the future and discover the implications of your strategic decisions – both the good and the not-sodesirable.

The time commitment to do such a project can be greatly reduced by using modern methods such as

webinars and web links; stakeholders are able to contribute to the Wheel and not have to be present in

the same room all at the same time.

OK, so by now you have probably heard enough about the Implications Wheel to know if you are

interested or at least curious. If you are still watching this video, I assume I have said a few things that

have resonated with you and maybe you have some questions. So it’s time talk. Just put your contact

information in the form on this page and I will answer all your questions. As a token of my appreciation,

I will also send you several more success stories with the Implications Wheel. I look forward to

connecting with you. Let’s get started today.

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