Somehow or another, my flatmates and I found ourselves in possession of 288 cans of beer in one go, so like any good engineers out for a laugh, we decided to build this monstrosity. Our first attempt fell on us but that did not deter us from having another go.

Photography was done on my Canon EOS 450D with the standard lens kit. The lapse was unfortunately done with no tripod and at odd intervals as this was done with very little planning. Next time for something like this, I will endeavour to get a better time lapse. That will probably be my next project.

The music is 'Technologic' by Daft Punk, done on suggestion by Adam. Editing for video was done using Quicktime 7 Pro and iMovie. This is my first video project ever and I quite like it, and hope to do more.

Beer Engineers: Adam Meekings, Paul McEvoy
Photography: Daniel Huynh

Photos on Flickr

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