Shot List laboratory tests/Pangea VI

00:00 Statement Dr. Andrea Schwarz, chemist German Custom to the topic, that the fakes are harder to detect
„In the meantime, the products are of such high quality, both the tablets themselves as well as the tablet strips in which they are packaged, and the outside packaging with the colors and prints, that a layperson cannot recognize that these are counterfeits.“

00:18 b-roll Dr. Schwarz and storage space with conterfeits

00:46 b-roll Dr. Schwarz goes to the lab

01:03 Box of counterfeit drugs

01:10 various settings in the laboratory investigation

02:37 various settings Dr. Scharz at the spectrometer for the investigation of samples

04:26 Statement Dr. Schwarz to the dangerous of counterfeit drugs
"These drugs are so dangerous that it can cause serious health problems if one takes the -. Maybe even death"

04:36 Statement Dr. Schwarz to the wrong active ingredients in counterfeit medicines
"I am afraid that just wrong active ingredients are included so that can happen very bad things that people can die from it, the interactions may occur with other medications the patient is taking else. And that's not really foresee the dangers to which they expose people when they use such illegal products."

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