Why do Summers ever have to end?? Especially this past one, where the nights were wild and warm and the waves were just a run across the street. Even as we battled the crowds to claim a few as our own, we still shared smiles at just the thought of being out there but it has to fade away, doesn’t it? Like all great times, this one too must conclude. Where do we go from here? How do you come down off of the high of the best summer they made?

You Jump.
You go full speed off of the end of something massive and fling yourself with everything you've got into the unexplored depths.

The end of this summer marks the beginning of the first product shipment for ourCaste. The Fall and Holiday 2013 ranges were developed to compliment any number of strong individuals looking for quality product to outfit each of their own purposes. Whether it be paddling around in the big blue, pushing over the cool concrete or ripping around a tight turn, our collections will be there for you.

Summer's over and Fall is upon us.

We're here.
You Belong.

LJ OLeary

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