Monday, July 1, 2013

Star Child, Diamond Child, Golden Child;
You are God’s chosen Beings,
Accept your Responsibilities to the Universe.
Wake Up.Rise Up.Purified Yourself.

Learn to defend yourself,
Divine Love.Faith.Courage,
Are your true Weapon and Defense.

Divine Truth, Divine Peace;
Your Shining Stars,
Be of the Light.

Do not be afraid, Let go of Fear;
The Light shall guide and protect you.
Talk to the One.Cosmic.Unity Consciousness,
Ask for,
They are patiently waiting for you,
They are listening.

Keep your eyes to the Trees and the Sky,
Your ears to the Animals and the Wind,
Your heart to the Ocean,
Ground your intuition with Mother Earth.

Death is the road to Awe;
Heal your wounds,
Through Confusion.Pain.Suffering,
Revealed Freedom and Serenity.
Gain new strength,
Become the warrior that you are.

Be open to the Truth,
Let go of Denial.Delusion and face your Responsibility,
Accept your Revelation.
Be Free from bondage,
Liberate your Self from yourself.

Be the Light,
Shine your light upon the Darkness.Shadow,
Illuminate with Brilliance.

Surrender your mind.body.spirit,
Surrender to Time and Space,
Surrender your love,
Surrender your heart to God.

Vibrate to your Higher Self,
Your True Self.
Become AWARE of what God made you to be;
Become AWAKE and remember who you truly are;
Become truly ALIVE to who GOD made you to BE.

-Nattawat Apibal; Nathaniel Artemis Shepherd

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