In one of her more "human" moments, Saige forgets her checkbook when she goes to see Dr.Mueller, for some much-needed venting. However, Saige's "minor" infraction ends up derailing the entire session, when Dr. Mueller insists there must be some unconscious reason Saige can't pay her...much to Saige's chagrin. As Saige soon learns, arguing with Dr. Mueller takes more energy than channeling your great grandma.

Saige Winters: My Psychic Life
Copyright 2013

Starring Suzanne Smith as Saige Winters
Taffy Jaffe as Dr. Mueller
Chris Beetem as Interviewer
Directed by Chris Beetem
Story by Suzanne Smith, Taffy Jaffe & Chris Beetem
Cinematographer Chris Beetem
Editor Kit Redding
Sound Editing J. Hagenbuckle
Title Design by Yasmin Mistry
Hair and Make-Up by Gad Cohen
Created and Produced by Suzanne Smith
Original Concept by Chris Beetem

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