This year, using an innovative digital action developed by BBDO Argentina and Sake, the Nike+ The human Race 10k was experienced live as told by the runners themselves in action.

For the very first time, the comments of 5 celebrity runners where broadcasted live using a combination of voice data, Twitter and Google Maps to share on the web what was going on in their heads during the race without interfering with their performance.

Using an iPhone strapped to their arms and an earphone, simply by pressing a button, the runners were able to share their experiences with the world in real time. The voice message was turned into a text message that was automatically published at in their Twitter accounts, and banners on sports vertical portals and news sites.

This technological marvel was topped off with a GPS that showed in real time the exact location of the runners and the point of each message relayed. The selected runners were Argentine celebrity Favio Posca, the sports journalists German Paoloski and Marcelo Gantman, the actress Brenda Asnicar and the professional runner Oscar Cortinez.

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