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Maxwell Brayden discovers a version of consciousness as he explores his life through drugs. But that's just it. What this young man finds is a warped version of consciousness. A version where temporary happiness is enough satisfaction to fuel a habit through the process of obtaining the instant gratification from the high. But when the high is over, the addiction kicks in... until his next fix. When he wakes up one day and finds himself laying down in an unfamiliar bathroom, nose to the tile, surrounded in a puddle of his own vomit, a gear in his brain turns on. He begins searching for true happiness, inner spirituality, and love. His intense journey, from stuck inside a habitual cycle to discovering his enlightened soul, becomes known as his toll road to consciousness when he finally overcomes the addictions that are restraining him.

No illegal substances were used in the making of this short.

"Human Face"
Titus 12 (

BenLo Craqnuques (

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