Introducing Mobile Worker Android App for time tracking and project data management.
Time tracking for freelancers, independent contractors, and all mobile workers.
Project data management.
Easy time tracking reports.

The best productivity and time tracking application for independent contractors, freelancers, and all mobile workers.

"Mobile Worker is an application for gathering all your project data in one place.
Built for freelancers, independent contractors and anyone who needs to track work hours and project documents.
The main work screen of the App is where you create new projects and tasks.
When you have your projects created, just choose the one you would like to start working on. Tracking your work hours is as simple as it gets -- just push the START button.
By sliding the screens you can see all the important project details... and a list of all tasks you have created for a specific project.
With the Mobile Worker you can easily manage your documents. Create separate folders, add multiple files, videos, photos.
You can easily change your work status on the main screen and create status categories to best suit your needs.
When you stop your work on a project, just press the Stop button.
On the left-hand menu, control settings, review all projects, all documents and export gathered data.
Two-way synchronization allows you to access and manage all the gathered data on multiple devices.
Mobile Worker -- all project data in one safe place!"

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