Award for Volunteer Service: William H. (Jack) Breazeale
Helen Free Award for Public Outreach: Ruth Ann Woodall

23:38: Women Chemists: Virginia

Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs
25:06 a. Outstanding Local Section Career Program: Detroit
26:32 b. Outstanding Local Section Career Program: North Jersey

Younger Chemists Committee
27:53 Outstanding local section YCC: St. Louis
29:12 Outstanding or Creative Local Section YCC Event: Puerto Rico

30:57: Committee on Divisional Activities

Society Committee on Education
36:45 Fostering Interactions Between Local Sections & Student Chapters: Puerto Rico and Richland
38:58 Outstanding HS Student program: New York
40:01 Outstanding Kids & Chemistry: Detroit

42:33: Committee on LS activities & Committee on Divisional Activities
45:50: Project Seed: Georgia
47:48: Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs: Northeast Tennessee
48:50: Committee on Environmental Improvement: Pittsburgh
50:03: Leadership Advisory Board: Lehigh Valley
52:06: Corporation Associates: Georgia
53:32: Committee on Minority Affairs: Georgia
55:01: Committee on International Activities: New York
56:51: Committee on Chemists with Disabilities: Virginia
58:04: Committee on Meetings and Expositions: 2011 Southwest Regional Meeting
1:00:17: Committee on Community Activities

1:02:11: Outstanding Community Involvement in NCW
1:07:40: Outstanding NCW Event for a Specific Audience: Virginia
Outstanding on-going NCW Event: Virginia
Committee on LS Activities
1:10:56 Best Activity or Program Stimulating Member Involvement: Georgia
1:11:45 Local Section Partnership Award: Indiana
1:13:02 Most Innovative New Activity or Program in a Local Section: Savannah River
1:14:41 Outstanding Performance by a Local Section (Small Size): Kentucky Lake
1:16:13 Outstanding performance by a LS (Medium Small): Mid-Hudson
1:17:46 Outstanding performance by a LS (Medium): Midland
1:20:36 Outstanding performance by a LS (Medium Large): St. Louis
1:21:00 Outstanding performance by a LS (Large): Pittsburgh
1:21:54 Outstanding performance by a LS (very Large): New York

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