'Milieu Reverb' (2013), by Luke Hespanhol

This is the video reel formatted for exhibition as projections in a gallery space. The work has been exhibited in this format during the artist's residency at Culture at Work, Pyrmont, Sydney, from 17th August to 6th September 2013.

'Milieu Reverb' consists in a series of short videos recorded in public urban spaces and reworked through digital media. Computer vision algorithms are used to detect movements of people in real-time and generate an artistic impression of their flow through the city. It brings to the fore issues such as surveillance, social behaviour, crowd dynamics and effective utilisation of public space. Videos will be recorded at different locations and different times of the day. Each time of the day entails different visual and sonic aesthetics. As people walk across the public space, their movements are picked up by the tracking software. Each moving section of the image is assigned a colourful view frame; once moved, such view frames leave permanent marks in the image, akin to a long exposure photograph. Overtime, a pattern of movement emerges from the cumulative stains in the video record, revealing the underlying flow pattern of the local population across the particular urban space.

Videos were designed to be played simultaneously on a gallery. You can do the same by opening up several tabs in your browser and playing a different video on each.

This project has been assisted by an Art Science Residency through Culture at Work.It is part of an ongoing research by the Design Lab, University of Sydney.

- Culture At Work: cultureatwork.com.au
- Design Lab: sydney.edu.au/architecture/disciplines/designlab.shtml

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