Life of the freed slaves are not always easy - and for some youth in freetown it is a daily struggle for getting food and some relaxation. Even in the toghest areas of livelyhood - fellowship and hard work keeps the communities running.

But is surviving the only parametre for succes?

How can one of the wealthies countries in the world, drop a seed and it will grow dig a little bit further an you find treasures that is for the envy of the world, happen to one of the monetary poorest? In Sierra Leone this document is for the eyes of local government, in the white Yurri building, for the world another view into the one of the consequenses of the unconsious quest for capital.
In this we ask for our natural resources to be proberly managed.

We remember how it was - and should not be.


Director: Silassie I. Kamara
Production manager: Edward Mann
Camera A: Moses
Camera B & editing: Morten Clausen
Additional Sound & editing: Tue Lindqvist

Music: Freedom Culture Ambassadeurs

Translation: Silassie i. Kamara, Abdulai Barrie, Anne Marie Frøkjær

Special thanks:
Every person who shared their personal or groups everyday life stories.
Everybody at he Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone - you changes lifes
The fabulous Dreamtown voulenteers

Roskilde University
Mads Folmer, Preben Kaarsholm, Kasper Bering Liisberg

Made possible by:

Dreamtown Project, Foreningen Retro

Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone

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