Git is unsocial and destroys the team experience. Don't use it.

Are you using Subversion or CVS? That's great, whatever you do, don't migrate to Git! Git makes you work overtime, confuses developers with too many options, destroys the social interaction with your co-workers and much more. Git has unnecessary features like offline commits and cherry picking that nobody needs at his day job. Your code is the most important thing for your software development and you should use a mature technology for storing it. Let the kids play around with Git.

In this ironic lightning talk I will give you 5 reasons, why you shouldn't use Git always with a twinkle in the eye. So create a new branch in SVN and come to my session while you checkout the branch.

Sven Peters

Sven Peters is a software geek working as an ambassador for Atlassian. He has been developing Java applications for over 12 years and leading small teams using lean methodologies. Sven likes effective software development and cares about the motivation of developers.

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