Learn about a slew of obscure but powerful Java libraries that you just cannot do without once you know they exist. Attention usually focus on the big projects, but there are tons of great gems that solve their little problem so well. We'll learn about more then thirty of those, that you can start using immediately!

Open source library and technology stories tend to be focused around big, famous and established projects. Enough of Spring, Akka and Hadoop: there is much more than just the big guys! The long tail treasure trove is full of hidden gems, libraries, utilities and snippets that make developers' lives easier and provide important functionality. This talk is all about the small stuff that shaves so many hours off of development time and improves productivity by orders of magnitude.

We'll learn how off some of the most interesting small itches that got scratched by providing tools you just can't do without once you get to know them. We will present no less than 30 (thirty!) Java Open Source projects, providing code examples and small demos for each one of them. By no means is this intended as a comprehensive view on everything that's in the Long Tail: our expectation is to make attendees aware of the existence, and able to locate more, of a plethora of readily available open source software, while providing a few hints about what are, in our experience, some of the best hidden gems in the “small yet beautiful” landscape.

Brian McCallister
Brian McCallister joined Groupon as CTO of Platform in August, 2013. Prior to Groupon, he was Principal Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Ning, where he was responsible for directing and communicating the technical big picture across the organization. He joined Ning originally as a Core Architect when it was just a tiny startup and watched it grow to over two hundred people. At the Apache Software Foundation, Brian has served on the Board of Directors and as PMC Chairs for the DB and ActiveMQ projects. With the ASF he focused on pushing for greater project autonomy, and mentoring and shepherding a number of projects into the foundation, including Cassandra, Mesos, and Jclouds.

In his broader past, Brian has worked variously as an engineering manager, technical writer, and systems administrator on projects ranging from internal platforms to loom control drivers. He is also a great mentor, and takes a vested interest in developing other engineers in the organization to help turn them into great engineers. Brian holds an MS in Education and BA in English both from Bucknell University.

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