This is a project about feeling information. The installation makes it possible to feel how hard life was for a certain person in a given year.

For the final installation I chose two persons: Hitler's architect Albert Speer on the right side and Franz Ehrlich, a communist and Bauhaus-architect, on the left side. Both were Germans and living during the time of World War one and two. The visitor can choose a year between 1910 and 1980. Then he can lift the the life of both architects, each on its assigned ball.The weight of the balls changes depending on the chosen year. Thus the visitor can feel how hard life was for Ehrlich and Speer in the selected period. If he is lifting both balls he can compare the weight between the two lives. If he is only lifting one ball, it is telling him, what happened to that person in this year.

This project should give a new access on history. Through the haptic experience the user is interested in historical details of the years. He can than dive deeper in the topic through the audiovisual layer.

Lukas Dürrbeck

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