The new EP “Net Revolution” by Redkay & Somiak reunites two highly skilled artists who have successfully established large fan bases online around the globe.

Established solo producers in their own right Redkay has remixed the likes of Leona Lewis, Brandon Hilton and Gaz Reynolds and has also produced a huge catalogue of his own music pieces which also includes videos which are available online.

Somiak who is based in Peru has remixed a number of Daft Punk and Gaz Reynolds tracks as well as releasing his own solo material worldwide.

Redkay’s recent television interview on Music Box TV has expanded interest in his work and made him more accessible around the world.

The new French House inspired release coincides with the re-launch of UK based record label World Domination Records owned by Dance Icon Gaz Reynolds.

Redkay recently said; "Somiak and I are very proud of this release and excited to share the French Touch to our loyal listeners. We are also going to do more releases like this, simply because we love that funky, relaxed atmosphere within music."

World Domination Records is a name synonymous with ground breaking electronic and alternative music and has world wide distribution including spotify, amazon and iTunes.

Also available to purchase from iTunes:

Redkay & Somiak – "Prologue".

Somiak – "Reloaded", "Peruvian Touch".

Redkay – "We All Did Nothing", "We Still Do Nothing".

To check out the latest releases from World Domination Records and download online from iTunes go to

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