For PTS HD 2013 rebrand, JL DESIGN put the spotlight on the PTS HD logo to strengthen the brand and its identity in the viewer’s mind; creating an image that puts it on a higher plane, one that is equal to its position as a leading public broadcaster with a multi-faceted and in-depth presentation of Taiwan’s culture and society; aim at raising the knowledge and awareness of its viewers. The idea is to focus on the letter ‘P’ of the logo and like a portal or television screen, the viewers can gain a more varied and enriching experience through it.

在2013公視HD頻道的品牌設計中,JL DESIGN 刻意將重點放在公視HD頻道的Logo呈現上,強化觀眾對於公廣集團的logo印象,打造別於一般電視的既定媒體形象,帶出公視HD帶領台灣觀眾從多元角度與具深度報導來認識與關懷台灣社會文化的先鋒; 具有提升大眾知識水準的社會意義。

Creative Director: JL 羅申駿
Executive producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪
Project Manager: Eric Tsao 曹天旂
Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩
Designer: Hsiang Ju Hung 洪湘茹, Utsuo Chen 陳映男

CG Studio: SOFA Studio
Supervisor : Seadog Tso 左志中, Meng Han Ho 何孟翰
CG Lead : Alpha Yang 楊欣林, Jack Yu 游永杰
R&D Lead : Mile Chang 張維昌
Project Manager : Johnny Yeh 葉侑忠
CG Artist : Keven Huang 黃啟銘, Taylor Lin 林子傑, Chan Chia Chang 張展嘉, Han Lee 李翰宇
Compositor : Rex Hong 洪鈺堂, Bond Huang 黃邦銓, Stephen Wong 黃天佑
IT : Scott Lin 林逸

Director: JL 羅申駿
Asst. Director: Angela Moo 巫安琪
Line Producer : Pan Huang 黃緯豪
DOP: Fu Shi Ying 傅士英
Gaffer: Xie Song Ming 謝松銘
Casting: Guo Chia Feng郭家鳳
Stylist: Makoto Chan 張元誠 & Chang Shu Huai 張書懷
Hair&Make Up: Nick Meng 孟宗
Music: Rockid Lee (MUSDM)

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