Welcome to the new and innovative Sk8plate camera dolly system.

Sk8plate is a small frame rail dolly constructed of aircraft grade heavy duty Aluminum and stainless steel yet light weight enough to travel anywhere needed.

If you are a camera person or production company needing to travel light yet still get astoundingly smooth tracking shots over any surface or terrain then this is the camera dolly you need.

Sk8plate will adapt to be a dolly on rails of any thickness, it is possible to invert the camera head and shoot overhead shots , it will become an occasional skater on smooth surfaces even performing curved shots and transform into a standard Hi Hat fulfilling any requirement needed on set for tracking purposes.

The Sk8plate can take any camera from a DSLR to an Arri Alexa using a 100mm bowl fluid head.

Please contact info@sk8plate.tv for more info

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