Littlebow - Joe Caligula

Littlebow are the duo of Keiron Phelan (State River Widening, Smile Down Upon Us) and Katie English (Isnaj Dui, The Owl Service). With beginnings in classical training, both have taken slightly different paths along the way and as such take in a wealth of influences to create a distinct sound, flitting from intricate jazz infused lines to drifting minimalism, Neo-prog riffs to cinematic textures.

Previously only known to each other as fellow, file-sharing, members of the itinerant Orla Wren collective, the littlebow duo combined for a lightning-flash brief series of recording sessions between summer and winter 2010 to record their debut album The Edge Blown Aerophone, improvising the lion’s share of their compositions and deliberately placing orchestral instruments within a resolutely post-punk production ethos, crucially spurning the overly polite, rule-observant trends currently found in much ‘neo-classical’ music.

Blending the tonal and textural possibilities of concert and bass flutes, with support from Jenny Brand’s clarinet, the drums, drum machines and percussion of Jérôme Tcherneyan (Piano Magic) and vivid daubs of, keyboard, guitar and glockenspiel from the ensemble, littlebow explore the versatility of the flute, discarding its traditional image and repositioning this most ethereal of orchestral instruments as a thing of dynamic resonance and consistently surprising malleability.

Film by Mark Kuykendall (The New Honey Shade)

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