It was such a great feeling for me to be a part of Holler Fest for the first time this year, and I am very honored to have been the first of hopefully many poets to be featured there, and to share the cabin stage and glorious, pastoral surroundings of Frog Holler Organic Farm with so many talented artists and storytellers.

From Kripalu yoga at sunrise to Red Tail Ring's enchanting performance in the cabin, my heart soared with every chord that was played and every breath I took. And the real icing on the cake for me as a radical foodie was to find myself among so many who love good food and put their heart and soul into their passion for healthy living.

So I offer my deepest gratitude and kudos to all the staff of Frog Holler Farm, especially to Ken and Cathy King for their fantastic meals and generous hospitality, as well as to everyone who attended the three-day festival, for supporting Michigan Indie music & culture, and especially the subtler art of poetry.

For this special feature event, I put together a series of poems centered around the theme, "Awakening: From Personal Growth to Galactic Shift." I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed reading for such a beautiful and peace-loving crowd.

Run time: 34:52 (approx.)

SET LIST - 8/25/13

A Most Sacred Affair. p. 37. 3:00
Spark of Seduction. p. 9. 1:30
*69. Loose. 2:45
Scarlet Sacrifice. p. 32. 1:15
My Heart Shattered. p. 14. 1:00
Taking Tea in the Black Rose. p. 74. 2:30
Poison Love. p. 100. 4:30
Front Row Seat to God. p. 40. 0:45
Unapportioned Giving. p. 25. 2:30
Honesty. p. 79. 2:15
Dying Embers. p. 54. 1:00
Crouching Towards Avalon. Loose. 2:45
Patience of the Pelican. p. 55. 1:00

Transcript of latest poem follows:


Peace and crisis--two different faces of the same tarnished timepiece
Conflict seems resolved, but tensions always remain between us
Secretly you seek harmonious co-existence while embracing
a peace in perpetual peril over your own personal bliss

All fleeting stars return shiny and new to their
familiar, lofty heights they long ago once knew
Just as the worst of those cursed dinnertime phone calls that
abruptly, and with such urgency, ring straight back to you

"I've got my eye on you with
every move that you make
I'll drive you to your limits until
your very bones begin to break
I push a speed-dial button and
minions of monkeys your freedom will take
I've stolen their lives, too--their ignorance
the sugary frosting on my red velvet cake."

Touting trumped up charges they subvert each emissary of hope
An ambassador's bad hair day becomes a nation's global shame
With Citizens United the high court sowed its fate and showed
themselves the blackmailed victims, not the last parties to blame

Our strength is our power to assassinate, or so they claim
Personally, I doubt Nature abides such arrogance in reason
Our shared weakness trumpets our silent remorse
viciously set ablaze like a mountaintop pyre out of season

Those few who court destruction, their end-game shamefully pleasing
skip and dance upon skulls and bones in their midnight fire-fringe
A lost century's success brought into focus by a Rorschach test
while a sensitive soldier pleas for this insanity to stop

It seems it's gonna take more than just a pellet shot
to nick the brow of our adversary, to stir our people back to life
Will it take another civil war, mad chaos and strife to prove
we still love our freedom just the same without a wife?

If the telephone keeps ringing but you're unsure who it is
relax and let the machine pick up, or *69 it later instead
Call in reinforcements, knowing your red line has been breached
and never hush the guard-dogs that break the night's stillness
with their bellwether cry for all waking stars to reach

We're out beyond all known distance, no returning now

--Craig A Combs
25 June 2013
Edited 13 September 2013

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