a wave front is advancing
sweeping across the plain
bringing millions of microbes
dust, sun, and rain

warmer winds are blowing
on a global scale
the sun is on your back
there's something on your trail

sound cuts the silence
silence cuts the sound
on or off
or off and on

tracking cross the desert
eating up the land
sunspots on your fingers
a rain map on your hand

mountain vegetation
ocean irrigation
ice cap conflagration
energy simulation

a thousand miles forward
a thousand behind
a thousand below you
a thousand above

there is no future
no history
you're in the present
you're on repeat

there is no nature
over there
no solid matter
but molecules
are everywhere

no parts, no whole
no greater sum
no sum, no part
no greater whole

there is no space
no emptiness
no nothing
no nothingness

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