So this is a very classic DAS BLUUL track AND visualisation. Based on the terrific series the Dark Tower by Stephen King this dark shrapnel of sheer sound craves the bone to the mark...

this poem also reflects the meaning (and is also lined up in the first minutes of the visual...)

Don not be afraid
be comforted
our origin

So the Crimson King
devoured to see it all
to take the future
in his crystal ball

All variations
all the colours
he watches all time
you and the others

Come commala HEY
you should bow down
and you should pray
that this thing
won´t get in yer way

it devours your blood
and it crushes yer soul
givin black sweetness
the faint of a goal

the Rainbows of Chaos
will be released
the King is grinnin
and he is pleased

Endeless Journey
thru a world
that has moved
always repeating
till you have

to reach your goal
even the dark tower
you´lll walk on corpses
and it will

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