Performed live at Club Helsinki in Hudson, New York, August 29, 2013.

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Lyrics to this song (by Shane Murphy):

Caught Deep in the Dye

The brick is fastened with mortar.
I am attic-bound, witnessing
spring fall. I can't recall
what about your absence
has shocked me to write again.
I have stared for days on end
at squirrels nosing through
skidder-tracks, where needles stormed
from the felled front-yard spruce.
And here, though in bed by ten,
the town wriggles at the first licks
of spring. At Mulberry and Chestnut
my brain presses on
like a trawling motor, the familiar hum
silence can no longer do without.

*The line "I'm caught deep in the dye of her" is borrowed from Anne Sexton's poem "The Interrogration of the Man of Many Hearts"

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