Our award winning stop motion animation short is finally online!

A transfer to Südstadt - City South - , the roughest, meanest quarter of the city, becomes a living nightmare for a job-proud Postman. Bust-up postboxes, mixed-up house numbers, and mysterious inhabitants make it more and more difficult for him to get thorough the working day. A film about the power and possibility of failure.

Set in a place somewhere between faded-glory and ghetto, the story of overworked man unfolds, whose hard times working on skid row in the end at least afford him some surprising friendships. Along the way we get a glimpse, not without humour and irony, of a world where spam doesn’t only overflow from virtual mailboxes, where job descriptions are stretched further and further, and where growing numbers of people live a deprived lower class lifestyle.

The aesthetic of the film is of analogue conception. Textures are brought alive using patina and dirt, retaining the charm of handcrafted work.

The movie is inspired by such works as Terry Williams’ “Brazil”, the classic vampire film “Nosferatu” from F.Q.Murnau, and the modern Dracula-Adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola. Also influenced by“L’Ecole des Facteurs” (School for Postmen) by Jacques Tati.
The majority of the inspiration for the film comes from the area where the producers live and work. Hit by the departure of the wealthy folk to pastures greener, the results are dereliction and social problems. The rent is cheap, new businesses spring up and then disappear almost overnight. However its mix of dilapidated grandeur and hurriedly built apartment blocks from the 50’s and 60’s give this area its own special charm.

The set construction exhibits a particular attention to detail: empty shops and businesses, urban refuse, satellite dishes, dustbins and gumball machines along with other background details.

European Off Award - Best independent animation 2008
Prädikat wertvoll - Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden
Senatspreis der HS Niederrhein

Production: sputnic: (Malte Jehmlich, Nikolai Skopalik, Nils Voges)
Script: Klaus M. Schmidt and sputnic
Music: Philip Lethen
Wardrobe: Mareike Keller
Set: Mareike Keller, Benjamin Teeuwsen, Mira Kristoffersen, Annika Dornscheidt, Mirja Schwartz, Alexander Munk, Sandra Ribbeck, Michelle Thümmel

SÜDSTADT is part of a Graduate Production in Design at the HS Niederrhein, Krefeld, designkrefeld.de

Examiners: Prof. Silvia Beck, Prof. Thomas Klegin

Premiere: 24.09.2007 Farbrik Heeder, Krefeld

++49 (0)2151 9310889

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