You may be able to find Long Hollow on a map,
but you must understand: Long Hollow isn't a place.

It's a people, it's a family, it's a body of believers who have decided "we want to be different."

We are the city-changers,
we are the prayer-warriors,
we are the servants to our neighbors, to our schools, to our communities.

We are not babysitters;
we are the parent partners,
we are the Bible storytellers,
we are the teachers of grace, love, and eternal value.

We are the globe-travelers,
the orphan-rescuers,
we are the crazy ones who think you can change the world one small child at a time.

We are the dodgeball-throwers,
the summer-campers,
the we-will-do-whatever-it-takes-to-see-souls-saved church.

We are the new abolitionists,
we are the fighters of slavery,
we are the light of hope in lands of darkness.

We are the sound of worship rising up,
we are believers in obedience and declaration,
we are the people of God - called by God - to live for God.

That's who we are.
That is Long Hollow.

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