The horror scorches the subconscious, apocalypse closes its grasp

Hell or Win krew cuttin traffik, throwin down
Additional apperances from Dont Mind the Fuckin Dog, Hell or Win Life Fam, SKWG, nd all dat
Riders : Johnny Blaze, 6, Omar, Kropa, Daz, Rocco, Father Slim, Goofy, Vinny D, Oisín
Shootin : 6, Tony, Omar, 68 Stephan, Rocco, Kropa, Father Slim, Johnny Blaze
Sliced : 6 in the ShadowLab
Noisescape : Catpiss
Additional Sound Editing and Mastering by 6

Contains additional footage and documentary audio excerpts which neither Hell or Win nor those associated with, have any right to. Contains footage of our darker nature, viewer discretion advised. The views expressed within are not those of Hell or Win or those involved

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