A Masterpiece uniquely crafted

Zanetti Bespoke has an unrivalled passion and excellence for designing bespoke cars and building a unique vehicle for customers to truly enjoy and others to admire.

Each Bespoke Vehicle is hand-built via specification, so you can choose the finishing touches to make it uniquely yours. It's an inspiring process that starts with your choice of Vehicle then the Alloy wheels, leather upholstery and exquisite finishing accessories by one of our bespoke design Partners (Kahn, OverFinch, and Revere of London).

If you were considering having a vehicle uniquely crafted we will be happy to offer you a no obligation private consultation with one of our bespoke Specialist. They will be able to ascertain your needs and budgetary aspirations whilst ensuring the vehicle we create for you will be exactly what you require

This Ultimate programme allows the customer to create a unique car that is an expression of their personality.

From subtle refinements to big statements, whatever you have in mind our designers will sketch your ideas and our team of engineers and craftsmen will bring them to life.

A Masterpiece uniquely crafted

Visit zanettiauto.com

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