This was filmed last year December 29, 2012, Saturday
During special event for Annual PRAISE NIGHT Worship Event.
Edited this content mathed third party song edited by:
Jeffrey Sunny Baek
“Everything Skit” for Pneuma Chapel skit directed by: Joseph Kim
This skit of 2012 has been approved by: Senior Pastor Isaac Kim in Pneuma Chapel Church
Filmed at: Saint (St.) Andrew’s Episco. (Pneuma Chapel Church), Irvine, Southern California,
OC Orange County, United States of America
Special Thanks to all “Ellison Kim’s family” in co-actress in a supporting role supported by her family:
Pastor Isaac Kim,
Pastor Katie Kim,
Eliott Kim,
Eileen Kim
Watch this best live Christian music video that has relaunched biggest based on original skit play as this is best box office theme and as also this video for bonus video that inspire also related to church for the movie for: “J’L Jesus’ Light’s Here Comes The Sun: A Puppet Tales Movie” the Debut Full Length DVD Movie Album has been labeled for Disc Two has been set up added for Debut Special Edition will be available on DVD has set.
This is the best DRAMA musical skit play event between God’s son Jesus and his child, a girl together living a joyful light until then when suddenly there are five (5) demons that possess a girl to harm her that she fell into temptation which she made a sin until in the end where she was learning to try to come to God as even demons won’t let her as a girl cry for help to rescue as how hard she reach to the Lord as her faith and wisdom how strongly she tries to her best and when she couldn’t reach and falls as God finally saves her and defeated all the demons in the end and Girl comeback to closer to God and embrace in the end. Enjoy this drama skit play everyone.
Cast: (Actors)
Joseph Kim as Jesus Christ (God the savior)
Ellison Kim as A Girl (Normal Human/God’s child)
Thomas Bong as Demon #1 (The Flower Guy)
James S. Kim as Demon #2 (The Money Guy)
Heather Huh as Demon #3 (The Drunker)
Elizabeth Bong as Demon #4 (The Sickmaker)
Stephanie Chewwy Kim as Demon #5 (The Violent Killer)
Music: (Song)
“Everything” performed by: Lifehouse
©Copyright2013 Pneuma Chapel™ Live Broadcast 2012 Released, Jeffrey Sunny Baek Editing Project Inc. ®
All Rights Reserved. ™
Unauthorized copying is punishable and violation is a an applicable may be prohibited under federal government law. ™

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By: Lifehouse
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As well.
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Pneuma Chapel Irvine Church in OC Orange County Published Inc. All Rights Reserved. TMZ
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