Finns in the British Murmansk Legion 1918-1919

A film about Finnish socialists who after the Civil War in 1918 fled to Soviet Union. Under the protection of Lenin, the men and their families joined the British Royal Navy 's 'Murmansk Legion', and so the Finns suddenly were in the eye of the wider political storm gripping all of Europe.

Director: Rustanius Seppo
Scriptwriter: Timo Linnasalo, Olli Soinio, Seppo Rustanius
Cinematographer: Pekka Aine
Sound designer: Martti Turunen
Composer: Perttu Kivilaakso
Editor: Timo Linnasalo

Venla Hellstedt, Illume Oy
Jouko Aaltonen, Illume Oy

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