River floating in the Rhine is my favorite pastime in Basel, Switzerland in the summer. You just toss your clothes in a dry bag (they are also the perfect floating device/pillow) and jump into the water – or wade if you are of a more cautious nature. Not only will you get an unparalleled view of the city but its just so much fun and refreshing at the same time. You can choose if you want to drift for just a few minutes or almost three-quarters of an hour (also depending on the current) all the way from tinguely museum to Dreirosenbrücke. You just have to pick a Buvette (little summer canteens) – my favorite is Flora Buvette, hands down! – to get out at. They are the perfect places to get an iced drink and just bask in the sun. Try it! You´ll probably love it – like totally!!!

Shot on a GoPro Hero3
Music: Love and Oceans by The Dimes

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