On today's date (Sept 16th) thirty years ago Sinclair launched this Beauty.

The Sinclair TV80, also known as the Flat Screen Pocket TV or FTV1, is a pocket television launched by Sinclair Research in 1984. Unlike Sinclair's earlier attempts at portable televisions, the TV80 used a flat CRT with a side-mounted electron gun instead of a conventional CRT; the picture was made to appear larger than it was by the use of a Fresnel lens. It was a commercial failure, and did not recoup the £4m it cost to develop; only 15,000 units were sold. Industrial Design by Rick Dickinson.

Flat-screen pocket TV on Sinclair Research Ltd's website:

Planet Sinclair:

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Sinclair related picture gallery:

Filmed in March 2013 using my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ31.

Music is track Strange Ways by Silent Partner, Ambient, 3:33.

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