For our subject 'Sound' we had to make our own Foley sound for an animated movie.
We chose the Disney movie: Brave.
We had a great team of four people : Lindsey Bundel. Kayleigh de Haan, Kim Willemsen, Leticia Plooi ( We are in the first year of our training: Animation and audio Visual design at Grafisch lyceum Utrecht.

This was our first time we had to make our own sound effects with unusual objects. We absolutely have no experience in voice acting, but we did our best. In my opinion Kim Willemsen ( The witch) was the best voice actress. The crow that's me.
It was a very big school project, but it was very fun to do. We have learned a lot. A great experience.
Woaw I have worked so hard on the final montage of this video. I also edited all the sound effects and voices. It was so much work. I think I have spend about 6 hours to edit the sound. When I finished the sound I had to synchronize the raw footage with the sound. I actually don't know how much time I worked on that, but I know one thing..... It was..MUCH. It's hard to tell.. but i'll guess it was more than 15 hours. When it was finally finished I rendered it. I wasn't satisfied, so I made a re-make of this video and rendered it again. hmm yea.. here it is! And now.. I'm very proud of it ^^
We recorded all the sound effects with a tascam.
It was filmed with an Canon 500D.
Edited in: Adobe Premiere pro and After effects

We do no own nothing from the movie or the music from Walt Disney Studio's and Pixar.


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