{Ernest Goh - COCKS, Chicken Beauty Pageants}

Ernest Goh is an independent Singaporean photographer. Covering major events from the SARS outbreak in Singapore, to his 4-year project of documenting the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh. Ernest's interest in storytelling has led him to capture many stories for over a decade with his camera.

His latest story, puts an unusual twist on what is defined as a beauty pageant. Instead of tall, beautiful and effervescent supermodels sashaying down a runway. This beauty pageant is one for cockerels.

Ayam Seramas (also called the Malaysian Serama is a bantam breed of chicken originating in Malaysia within the last 50 years.) are a type of ornamental chicken, "They are not bred for consumption, but purely for ornamental reasons" as Ernest says it. Through his journey, Ernest was introduced to fifty-two-year-old Tuan Hassan or 'Pukku' to his family and friends, a a well-known Ayam Serama champion breeder, who shared his philosophies with him.

We were so intrigued with this story, and while we were not able to physically shoot the scenes in Malaysia, we managed to collect raw documented footage which was shot by Ernest and his crew during their travels, and put together this story.

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Overseas Footage courtesy of 'The Animal Book Co'

{Special Thanks}
Ernest Goh


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