The third instalment compiled of footage from almost the entire worldwide team. Filmed throughout Australia, UK, Russia and the USA. Thanks to everyone that hooked us up with the footage.

Riders - Daniel Johnson, Mitchell McDonald, Chris Whtye, Frenchie, Ivan Nikolaev, Keahnu Doyle, James Heyes, Jeremie Infelise, Trent McDaniel, Rhys Gogel, Anton Ayres and Carraig Troy.

Filmed by Cooper Brownlee, Anton Ayres, David Leep, Adam Cox, Chris Whyte (Sydney timelapses) Ryan Lloyd, Phil Skeggs, Dayvis Heyne, Greg Sing, Nathan Seeley, Alexey Maltsev, Andrew Ayukhaev, Mark Maples and Nick Stout

Edited by Cooper Brownlee

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