This is our journey through the lights of Tokyo, a climb up the volcanic trail to the summit of Mount Fuji, getting lost in the magical bamboo forest and eerie red shrines of Kyoto, finding humility in Nara at the feet of the giant Buddha, and witnessing a best friend's wedding in Osaka.

Chris filmed most of the footage on a Canon t4i and edited with Final Cut Pro X. Yes, he likes jump cuts. Shannon, the beautiful model featured throughout, provided some footage, the graphics, and the audio (at least the suggestion). The song is Osaka Loop Line by Discovery -- nice, isn't it?

Cameos by old and new best friends, with a special congrats to Sungdae and Eriko on their matrimony.

If you like, share and thumbs up below! Any feedback from you filmmakers out there would also be most welcome, as we will be creating films about upcoming travels in SE Asia and Europe and are always looking to improve. :)

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Also can be seen on YouTube here:

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