DitoGear™ Quality at a fraction of price.

If you were thinking about getting into serious motion control offered by DitoGear™, but the price level seemed too high, we got an unrefusable option for you!

If you're a staged DitoGear™ veteran, this may be also a good option to get a second unit for other types of work.

DitoGear™ BD Slider is an entry-level motion-controlled slider delivering you all the precision of other DitoGear™ products at a fraction of price of the systems we used to offer. DitoGear™ BD Slider complete kit start at USD $750 (retail), but is only $650 if you preorder now. Shipping on September 30th.

Order now to get BD Slider with 15% instant discount on checkout!

Learn more: ditogear.com/products/bdslider/
Preorder now: ditogear.com/store/142-ditogear-db-slider-bundle.html

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