The Introducing Series
at The Window at 125
Season 3, No 3
Danielle Abrams Introduced by Salette Gressett
This event took place on July 19th 2013

The task set is to use the Window at 125 as a condensed studio, to create one piece of work from beginning to end. The intention is to reveal the artist at work, to allow our audience on the sidewalk to watch the creative process, something that is rarely accessible to the public.

In keeping with The Introducing Series’ recurrent objective of formally introducing artists, Salette Gressett, Arts Manager for The British Council in New York, was asked to select an artist that she would like to champion; She chose the Danielle Abrams.

Danielle Abrams will utilize that Window at 125 as a writer’s residency. Central to Abrams’ performances is a writing process that emerges from her observations and contact with people and neighborhoods. The characters she invents and performs emerge from particular NY vicinities: Flushing, Flatbush, Coney Island, Harlem. In ‘Word Watch’, Midtown East, its daily rhythms, and those who return to work here every day, will become the subject of Abrams’ writing.

In turn, pedestrians will witness her process of generating language, editing, and deleting from a screen in the window that is directly connected to Abrams’ computer. The screen of her computer will also be live streamed and viewable daily on

Danielle Abrams writes performances and embodies characters that are based upon members of her multiracial and cross-cultural family. Dew Drop Lady is a personification of her 2nd generation Jewish grandmother from Brooklyn. Janie Bell is a portrait of her late black grandmother from Virginia. Uncle Bob is a character that is based upon her Jewish grandfather who was a tummler at a Catskills’ “Borscht Belt” resort. As Uncle Bob, Abrams totes pockets of coins, candy, and TUMS. S/he tells jokes, leads Conga Lines through public spaces, and hosts variety shows that feature “eclectic groups of extraordinary everybodys.” In March 2008, Abrams staged the The Uncle Bob Variety Show at The Jewish Museum in NYC, a reinterpretation of David Susskind’s episode: How to be a Jewish Son.

Salette Gressett is the Arts Manager for the British Council in the US, since May 2012. She has transatlantic experience in contemporary performance, Live Art, interdisciplinary and socially-engaged practices in the US, UK and EU.

The Window at 125
125 East 47th Street
New York NY 10017

The Introducing Series is a project initiated and co-coordinated by Danika Druttman that creates occasions for emerging artists to be formally introduced by an advocate of their work and champion of their future career. Artists will come from a spectrum of disciplines, including visual artists to performance artists, writers to musicians, filmmakers. The series’ constant is the principle of an introduced artist; the variable element is the appropriately diverse composition of each event. The focus of Season 3 is Process.

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Series Creator Danika Druttman
Video by Travon Surgeon and John Birdsong

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