600 years after Princess Mononoke the legend of the forest princess has long been forgotten, but the forest spirits live on and are once again in need of a saviour, who this time comes in the form of a young city girl who has lost her way. It's a modern-day Mononoke-inspired adventure.

Volunteers from all over the film indistry are collaborating to make this film with pro cinematic quality. Puppeteers, CG artists, animators, SFX technicians and filmmakers of all kinds are primed and ready but we need your backing on Kickstarter to make it happen.

GO BEHIND THE SCENES ON YOUTUBE: youtube.com/user/WolfGirlMovie

The trailer shoot:
Camera: RED Epic
Glass: Zeiss Distagon planar prime lenses 18 to 85mm
Light: LED litepanels

We love After Effects!
Composites, animation, motion graphics and titles all created in After Effects. Colour grade was a combo of AE and RedCineX

Music performed and permission by Richard P John - richardpjohn.com/
Wolf animation by Victor Abramovskiy

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