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Back in November we did a feature on Lord of the Dragons, a game by K-Lab that had caught our attention. Well, viewers apparently loved it as well because K-Lab has created a new game that’s about to be released called Rise to the Throne. While it may sound similar to Lord of the Dragons, it’s a totally different style and game. Rise to the Throne is set in a hardcore fantasy environment where the main goal is to build an empire and army that can battle other players, raid their towns, fight through quests, and take on the game’s bosses. Now the questing is similar to Lord of the Dragons – you’re trying to gain experience, coins, and new soldiers through skirmishes and beating bosses. But after that, Rise to the Throne is its own game where you’ll need to build a castle and town – with different stores and shops that earn both you and your city money that can be used to enhance your soldiers. You can battle other players for coins and experience or you can rob their towns for money once you’ve defeated them. The game is social as well – you can join up with other players to form alliances and take on bosses and other teams.

It’s a free game available for both iOS and android devices, so head to the app store today to begin playing.

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