If history repeats itself, and experience has shown that time after time it is certain to, then it will come as no surprise to the vocational music critic (or the aurally savvy lay-person) that Dave Garlitz has penned yet another show stopper. "I Like the Way You Move" says what it means and means what it doesn't dance around. With no shortage of whimsical choreography or carefree, devil-may-care animal felicity, this summer romp is only enhanced by the Kodak Ektachrome Super 8mm stock it is filmed on.

Boat Safety Films, meanwhile, is beyond thrilled to present this 720p digital vinyl for your audio-visual consumption and aesthetic delighting.


song credits:
"I Like the Way You Move" music & lyrics by David Garlitz
David Garlitz : guitar & vocals
Alison Young : backing vocals
Mixed by Nicolas David
Mastered by Thomas Vingtrinier

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