Inspired by Jules Verne’s’ classic novel, “Around the World 80 Days”, is an online multimedia travel journal project.

I will be spending 80 days in 20 countries where visa is not required for Turkish citizens. My main reason for picking such countries is to influence impulsive travel for Turkish passport holders.

In every location I will be staying approximately 3-4 days. During these days, I will be shooting videos, editing them, and uploading them to video social sites. Photos will also be taken and uploaded to my flickr account. In total there will be 20 webisodes.

Users/viewers will be able to watch the webisodes every week (sometimes biweekly). Also, through the website and social media platforms, conversations will be held with users. Such as “where to go?” “what to do?” topics and comments on posts.

Webisodes will be different form travel programmes on television. An artistic point of view and interactivity with people will be included. The goal of the project is to influnce people to travel and each episode will be constructed in order to inspire. Beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, nightlife, special events (parades, concerts if any), food, special places, cultural aspects, places to stay, street performances and art will be the main elements of each webisode.

Spontaneity will be the main aspect of the project (e.g I will invite my friends to come join me to shoot videos together). It will increase the curiosity of the users, and make the project more interesting.
Asia (7): Thailand / Malesia / Singapore / Philippines / Hong Kong / South Korea / Japan
South America (9): Jamaica / Nicaragua / Costa Rica / Colombia / Ecuador / Chile / Argentina
Africa(4): South Africa / Kenya / Tunisia / Morocco

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