For a University Assignment we were asked to create a one minute experimental film by ourselves that involved one actor, one location, no dialogue and of course ran for one minute.

The Trip is the film I created and is about the beginning effects of a trip a young male experiences from an unknown drug that he takes. I wanted to explore After Effects and use some stop motion and thought this was a good way to explore these. The character reacts to things his senses start to pick up because of the affect of the drug; new sounds, things moving etc. Near the end of the film as his senses become even more affected the visuals and audio speed up until it cuts to black symbolising the drug being in full effect.

I am very happy with my final result but I believe I do need to focus more on lighting as this was my main struggle and only let down of the film; I am generally a camera person and/or editor. I tried my best to fix it best I could in the colour grade but again this is something I've never done and need to work more with. I think this task was a good eye opener to see where our strong points and weakness' are in the different elements of film making.

Thank you Jack for being my wonderful actor and my brother Joel for giving me a hand with the after effects stuff! :D

Sorry for the little self analysis but I like to give statements for my work for those interested enough to read them.

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