Author: Natasha Musevic / Dot
Produced by: Zavod Projekt Atol and Ljudmila
Ljubljana, 2013

This is a video archive of a sound installation entitled Intervals by Natasha Musevic / Dot. It was recorded in the Križevniška cerkev - the church where the exhibition took place from 23th August to 05th September 2013. The video was filmed and edited by the artist. More about the project:

Executive Producers: Uroš Veber (Atol)and Tina Malina (Ljudmila)
Monolith design: Gašper Premože and Andraž Tarman (Rompom), Natasha Musevic
Monolith manufacture: Brane Filipič (RPS)
3d designed objects and print: Igor Križanevskij (Blender)
Handblown Glass: Peter Kolobarič (Institute Jozef Stefan) and Primož Žagar (Neon)
Video archive filmed and edited by the artist.

Co-funded by: Mestna Občina Ljubljana

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