Newham college contacted us after being inspired by our previous film: Magical Bones; The Sleight of Dance.

They asked if we could apply the same principles to capture the essence of what the college has to offer in key areas. We developed a story where the journey of a cog symbolises the path of learning as an intrinsic component of excellence.

We took inspiration from the courses themselves and turned it into a mini epic, creating passionate vignettes of different subject areas and merged them together to create a fast action-packed narrative, culminating in an epic finale.
"What makes you tick?" - Meet Your Future.

Client: Newham College

Concept: Studio Hansa
Creative Director: Nick Scott
Exec. Producer: Omar Honigh

Director : Gary Roberts
Producer / AD : Harriet Macdonald
Director of Photography : David Crute
Editor : Rob Ward
Composer: Si Begg

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