For a fun challenge I gave myself a brief of:
"How do you bring to life the information from Google Green?"

.... cue the Arduino! Here's a two evening prototype with HTML 5, Node and Arduino.

Node.js build features:
- for serving the pages
- Handlebars for basic templating
- for HTML 5 WebSockets between the client and server side JavaScript
- Johnny-five for Arduino connectivity

The app itself is a standard app with Canvas use. All tweening is done via the amazing GSAP.

The Arduino build is currently using a PhotoSensor, a 10k resistor and I shape its analog read value to a more usable range of 0 - 100. I then transmit this value to Node which then broadcasts this to any Web Sockets current connected, i.e the the prototype page itself.

The skinny, physical and digital interaction. Pretty fun!

Hope you enjoy.

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