Attendees of “Change your Mind, Change the World 2013,” an event featuring His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, and other thought leaders, were invited to complete the phrase, "Imagine a world where...”.

These responses – featured one-by-one in this presentation – were artfully crafted into a stirring performance by Molly Sturges (drums and vocals) and Logan Phillips (vocals), produced by Aaron Stern of the Academy for the Love of Learning.

Watch the performance:

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About the Academy for the Love of Learning
The Academy for the Love of Learning's collaborative arts and community focus combines research and applied practices involving transformational storytelling and creative exchange. Working with groups of all ages and backgrounds ALL faculty together with founder, Aaron Stern, create participatory exercises, working communities, events and performances that foster community building, collective vision and personal and group transformation. The Academy's arts and community practices can be adapted for conferences, workshops, intensives and more. This work reflects the growing interest in engaging the creative spirit of the arts and artists to galvanize and express the collective vision of a community. For a community to hear/see/experience its vision expressed so powerfully, collectively, can be deeply transformative and can result in a kind of alchemy that can help make visible a new, mutually recognized ground upon which a community can stand and thus move forward more effectively toward its vision.

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